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Schema Markup ve SEO

Schema Markup ve SEO

Sesli Arama için SEO Dijital Çağda Bir Adım Öne Geçin

Sesli Arama için SEO

AMP Hızlandırılmış Mobil Sayfalar Mobil İnternetin Geleceği

AMP (Hızlandırılmış Mobil Sayfalar)

Cekirdek Web Olcutleri Web Sitenizin Performansini Artirin

Çekirdek Web Ölçütleri

Google ve SEO Alanındaki En Önemli Trendler

Google ve SEO Trendleri

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About Me

About Me

In 2019, albeit quite late, I entered the SEO industry with my own original projects. It didn't take long for me to have the opportunity to experience many projects and learn quickly. In approximately 2 years, I created strategic SEO plans for more than 170 companies in 11 sectors. Currently, I am managing Strategic SEO and SEM processes. I continue to deepen my knowledge and improve myself in areas that affect the performance of my job; such as Server, Web, SEM, Mailing, Marketing Automation, Digital Advertising, and more. "SEO it's a combination of art and science."