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Anti SEO Nasıl Yapılır?

Anti SEO Uygulamaları: Tehlikeler ve Korunma Yolları

Alan adının SEO üzerindeki etkisi nedir?

Alan Adının SEO Üzerindeki Etkisi Nedir?

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About Me

About Me

In 2019, albeit quite late, I entered the SEO industry with my own original projects. It didn't take long for me to have the opportunity to experience many projects and learn quickly. In approximately 2 years, I created strategic SEO plans for more than 170 companies in 11 sectors. Currently, I am managing Strategic SEO and SEM processes. I continue to deepen my knowledge and improve myself in areas that affect the performance of my job; such as Server, Web, SEM, Mailing, Marketing Automation, Digital Advertising, and more. "SEO it's a combination of art and science."